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Wednesday, December 29

I love you;

I want to be a good girl ,

Time now : 01:45 pm
It's like another good day. The sun is shining v brightly now. I'm at dear's house. Pat is going crazyy. She like dressed up like a bandit ?! CAN YOU BELIEVE OR NOT. :/ Then three of us keep giggling ? Like WTF ? I wanted to take photo of her dressing up in bandit , BUT SHE DONTWANT LOL ! o.o

I vomitted in the morning , got blood somemore . I wonder , will i just faint in other days ? :/ I can feel like my throat is in a v bad condition. Isst because i smoke yesterday ? But nehmind , i got myself liang teh which dear asked me to , and sore throat medicine.

She's going out with Chrys today. Like today she's not gonna accompany me ? But its okay , she've fun can alr. I've pat with me also. Although she's kinda crazyy nowadays -.- she can watch youtube funny videos and keep LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH kayy ! hahaha . Umm..and , something wrong with their house fan , it can like stop , go , stop , go , stop , go ~~ SIAO. (:

S-p-o-n-g-e-b-o-b ! :D
1:31 PM